Tja! Idag har jag pratat med en påflugen liten 21-åring från Indonesien som utgav sig för att vara en mycket rik buissnessman och som gärna ville ge 200 miljoner dollar för min vagina. Detta utspelade sig på fb. Läs och njut. Den unge mannens identitet är naturligtvis skyddad här.

: hai...

Jag: oh, hai
Han: sex whit me?
Jag: Naaa, I don't like little boys, sorry.
Han: hai..... i am strong.....
Jag: You sure?
Han: yes I am sure
Jag: Prove it?
Han: My penis is large.....
Jag: But can you handle it? Size isn't everything you know.
Han: could.... definetly satisfied whit my.....
Jag: That's good but shouldnt you pick up girls a little closer to home?
Han: Im just like you..... so I wants to make love to you ok?
Jag: Just like me? Are you a girl??
Han: I'm a man. What are you still virgin?
Jag: Nope, I´m a sinner!

Han: I do not care ........ I still want to make love to you because I love you often sex with men?

Jag: You dont have access to my love zone. Sorry. Unless you have much money.
Han: I am a rich man ...... I'll buy your vagina ......
Jag: Im not sure its for sale... How much? Will you pay for shipping costs?
Han: 200 million dollars .... I also still have a company ........ I'll give the money ...... whatever you want ......... provided you want to make love with me .....I'll pay you when we come here .....

Jag: Half now, half afterwards, ok?

What kind of company? You big buissnessman? :O
Han: if you come here and I've seen you ..... I pay everything in advance .. ok? I have a cigarette company, coal, and many more .....
Jag: Is it Marlboro cigarette company? Yes, you pay in advance, thats good.
Han: yes ..... I will pay all after I see you ....... agree? indeed what the price of your vagina? quick reply .. I do not have much time....
Jag: My fiance own the rights to my vagina, you'll have to talk to him. You do know I'm trolling you right?
Han: do not involve other people .... Just me and you ....
Jag: But I cant sell you my vagina. It does not belong to me! Now i have to go make science with fanta. Bye big Marlboro-man! (loggar ut)
Han: can see your vagina?


Postat av: TheWind92

Skumma människor på facebook. :|

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